Ronnie Booth

As a Realtor I have had the great privilege of helping people meet their real estate needs all over the country and beyond.
There are innumerable reasons behind a real estate transaction….a growing family, job transfer, downsizing, divorce, sickness, sadly, even death. These various reasons can be so stressful for a buyer or seller in addition to the stress of insuring the transaction is completed properly. This is when a qualified Realtor is needed to guide the client through all the intricacies of the transaction. A knowledgable Realtor will oversee each detail to guarantee the deal is completed properly. 
As a Realtor, myself, I specialize in putting YOU, the Buyer/Seller, in contact with Realtors who have an established and successful career in your geographical area. Because I am part of a global community of Realtors, I have access to Realtors who are the best at what they do…GLOBALLY! Whether you live in the United States, Canada, or beyond, and are in need of a great Realtor to guide you through the entire process, I can identify a true qualified Realtor for you. 
If I can help just contact me here on my website and let me know the need. It would be my great privilege to assist.

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